One of our strengths are the materials chosen, favoring the use of refined fabrics and fine leathers. We are constantly looking for the best products, from waterproof and stain-resistant fabrics to the quality of the leathers, nothing is left to chance, ready to satisfy any of your requests.


Elegant and modern, soft to the touch, with a dense denim effect texture, the Boston fabric is one of the most loved fabrics. The two-color texture makes all shades rich in shades, and adaptable to any decor, creating the right combination with the decor.


Latest generation microfiber, the dense weave makes it one of the most resistant fabrics, without neglecting breathability. Very easy to clean fabric, it is in fact water repellent and stain resistant, refractory to dust, particularly suitable for those who love animals.


The Velvet has always meant elegancy and sensuality. Designed for the upholstery, the velvet Viky has been specially worked with a waterproof and anti-stains treatment, that makes this fabric durable and resistant. Thanks to the different colours available, and the elegance of the velvet, will be the “extra value” to your am making your sofa particularly cosy.


Selected leathers, and a particular manufacturing process, allow to obtain a soft leather to the touch that is well suited to modern and classic environments. Sofas upholstered in leather can be considered an evergreen that with the passage of time is always elegant and classy.

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